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I began making products after my son was diagnosed with Autism.
I researched and educated myself on the ingredients in products offered in stores. I found that many of these contributed to the rashes and skin redness he constantly developed. I felt that I had to take control of what he was exposed to. People forget that our skin is the largest organ. What goes on our skin is as important as what goes into our bodies. So began my journey …

I started making my products with ingredients that I could control and had thoroughly researched. I have now been making my natural products for 17 years and absolutely love the process. I take my products seriously and always try them personally before offering them to others.

A few years ago I decided to put my love of making natural products into a business that would help me to support my son's needs. The name, Tehva, means “nature” in Hebrew. I was born and raised in Israel, coming to California in 2000, so this name represents my background as well as my goals in offering natural products.

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