Le Joyau d'Olive

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Le Joyau d'Olive is a family of artisans who diligently work together in the aim of preserving the ancestral craft of soap making. Produced in Lebanon where the soap making techniques were first perfected some 4,000 years ago, our soaps are lovingly handcrafted following the ancient techniques. Handcrafted, 100% biodegradable, made using zero-waste processes, each soap contains 4 natural ingredients and nothing else. No synthetics, no chemicals, no palm oils, and no additives whatsoever. Since its inception in 2020, Le Joyau d'Olive has won 5 international awards and is currently present in 15 geographies on international markets. Le Joyau d'Olive is currently reviving the ancestral craft and is fulfilling the demand of a customer segment that seeks natural cosmetics. 

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