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Creating a custom formulation can be a rewarding and overwhelming experience. That’s why at Randal Optimal Nutrients, we offer the help of our R&D Department to offer formulary guidance if needed. In addition our VP of Sales and Marketing can offer brand assistance and marketing tips that will make your product stand out. At Randal Optimal Nutrients, our goal is to make the formulation process as seamless as possible yielding a high-quality supplement, backed by science that works!

Extensive Range of Finished Products

We manufacture quality finished: tablets, capsules, rapid melts, lozenges, chewable and powders in a multitude of sizes and shapes. From formula to finished product, Randal Optimal Nutrients guarantees your satisfaction through all phases of production. All of our customer formulations are kept in the strictest of confidence. When necessary, we will even create a ‘pilot batch’ to determine the ideal elements, like taste, to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.

Quality Product Formulations

A successful product does not happen by accident. It involves careful consideration between marketing, R&D, quality, and finished product. We only produce the highest quality of products using the best ingredients that we can source across the globe. Before production of your product, we will evaluate your formula with you offering ingredients suggestions yielding the highest quality in the marketplace. In addition, you can look to us for formulation concepts, consumer trends, key health concerns, and emerging science. At Randal Optimal Nutrients, we are a valuable extension of your technical team.

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