Lyngsoe Systems

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Logistics solutions for traceability, automation and data capture. 

As a global leader in logistics solutions for complex supply chains, we help our clients improve their asset utilization, operational efficiencies and customer experience. We specialize in traceability, automation and data capture, providing hardware and software solutions across the logistics and supply chain, healthcare and postal markets. We are experts in designing, installing and maintaining real-time asset tracking systems, we offer an end-to-end solution that can be easily implemented into your existing processes and IT infrastructure.

From sourcing through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, our state-of-the-art, real-time asset tracking and data capture solution provides full traceability, visibility and predictability of your logistical processes. Automating data capture and increasing supply chain visibility enables you to improve efficiencies and quality, reduce errors and costs, and increase security throughout your global supply chain.

Smart warehouse

Smart warehouses are all about freeing up capacity to drive more business by using RFID and IoT technology in your warehouse to exploit full transparency, visibility, traceability, and predictability to give your customers the best experience.
As experts in logistics and technology solutions, we aim to offer you solutions, technology and innovations that not only streamline your smart warehouse operations but also provide you with a purpose-specific turnkey solution.

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