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Technology is constantly upending the way in which we do business, & this is just as true in the printing industry as it is anywhere else. New developments in on-demand printing, especially in color printing, have made leaps and bounds in recent years to a degree that is difficult to overstate. Most companies that aren’t utilizing it should be, because it can help to save time and labor in operations just as easily as it can earn money in marketing & retention from customers.

New color printers can produce labels without lines, every time, so there’s no need for quality control & no need to worry about missed barcode scans. They can be used to color-code received product and warehouse shelves, helping speed up & organize the pick & put process. It can even be used to print coupon codes & marketing materials on your shipping labels.

Of course, color printers can also be used to create primary display labels, so MOQ label purchases and lead times are no longer a problem. Companies can now white label their own products & produce labels as they please. They can also use dynamic marketing, making each product completely unique (& tracking each scan and link along the way!). This is just the tip of the iceberg, but we’ve got a word limit. Come see us at the booth and ask a Loda representative how we can put our 35 years of product identification experience to work for you!