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From rapid deployment to platform-as-a-service, LVT helps you add security to even the most remote locations. Our cloud-based solution and surveillance units are completely mobile, allowing you to implement security in almost any physical environment and still monitor them from the comfort of your office.

Here’s what sets us apart:

LVT Units consume as little as half the amount of power our competitors use. We lead the industry in uptime. 
We use a private network so data never touches a public network. Your data is safe with us.

LVT can scale quickly and easily for large system deployment. 
Our units are smart—they can problem solve and self-heal on their own, only requiring humans for bigger decisions. Get fewer alerts and save your energy for the ones that actually need your attention.

Our units use significantly less cellular data than competitors. This will save you time and money while ensuring data safety and privacy.

We have seen that LVT Units make communities safer and more secure on a daily basis. This was proven through LVT’s ACCESS Taskforce project, or the Alliance of Companies and Communities to Enhance Safety and Security. This was a four-pronged effort to increase community safety by combating organized crime. Local retailers, government, and police departments worked with LVT to collect and share data in order to track and prevent retail crime. 

The ACCESS Taskforce decreased overall crime in Opelika, Alabama and Paducah, Kentucky. Here’s what we saw:

Opelika saw a 40% decrease in shoplifting, a 15% decrease in property crime, and a 10% drop in overall crime rates. 
Paducah saw a 43% decrease in trespassing, a 54% drop in burglaries, and a 10% drop in overall crime rates. 

Not only is LVT seeing major success in terms of business, but they’re making a noticeable difference in real communities, affecting real people. LVT is used by businesses in several industries, including retail, critical infrastructure, public services, construction, quick service restaurants, law enforcement, government, and military. 

LVT provides a turnkey solution to surveillance and security. With two options—the Omni and the D3—we’ve got you covered. Both systems provide enterprise security and a white-glove experience, eliminating the need for construction, inhouse data storage, and maintenance. Our cloud-based solution revolutionizes the security industry and provides a reliable and easily deployable platform. Outfit your LVT Unit with security floodlights, thermal cameras, loudspeakers, and smart generators. All unit features are powered through solar panels, making for smart, sustainable, renewable energy. 

LVT was born in Utah and is proud to serve America. We started in 2005 in Utah County and now have manufacturing facilities and offices in American Fork and Orem. LVT’s workforce is 500+ strong and extends across the country. We’ve deployed thousands of LVT Units across the United States in a mission to make the world safer and more secure through our enterprise security systems. In the last five years, LVT has seen an average ARR year-over-year growth rate of 120%. Nearly half of Fortune 50 companies use LVT. We’ve partnered with the Utah Jazz as a sponsor and we are proudly repped as a patch partner on their jerseys this 2023-2024 NBA season.

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