Flying Cloud THC Infused Beverages

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Imagine yourself on a perfect day, with clouds gently drifting across the sky and a refreshing breeze in the air. That's the carefree, uplifting experience we aim to infuse into each small batch of our handcrafted, hand canned THC soda. 

As a local and family-owned business, we pride ourselves on crafting unforgettable, elevated moments, one sip at a time. Started and staffed by people who believe that quality begins with how we serve our community, the values that define our company culture, and transcends into producing premium products and providing exemplary customer experiences.

Following the opening of our brand new 18,000 square foot manufacturing space, Flying Cloud is ready to help other brands enter this booming industry in a fraction of the time and cost. All of Flying Cloud’s products are manufactured in a sterile environment and pasteurized to ensure elite freshness. Our highly adaptable brand currently boasts 6 delicious flavors of your favorite classic sodas - Grape, Orange, Cola, Strawberry, Arnie Palmer, and coffee-infused, with potential for unlimited number of new flavors and experiences. Each batch is crafted with highly sustainable equipment and a focus on eco-conscious manufacturing. 

Allow us to assist you in promoting your products and business, and we will introduce you to a world of small-batch, handcrafted goodness that will leave you floating on cloud nine.

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