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The Goods platform is the definitive all-in-one ecommerce SaaS solution. 

Our extensive WMS, ERP, and PIM capabilities combine with fully integrated shopfronts and real-time order management to create a streamlined logistics experience that maximizes profits.

It’s everything a retailer needs to scale quickly and elegantly—and to conquer an unruly supply chain—harmonized for you in one clean screen.


Goods at a Glance

  1. Average yearly savings on peoplepower after switching to Goods: up to 40%

  2. Average Goods onboarding time in the last three months: only one week!

  3. Orders fulfilled by Goods in the last year: over one million and counting

What’s so Great About Goods?

Goods may be simple by design, but it’s anything but ordinary. Our platform streamlines all your logistical steps—online shopfronts, warehouse and inventory management, order fulfillment, resource planning, and financial software—into one seamless work day. 

Our system slashes errors by putting our cutting-edge omnichannel data flows to use. Speed up your pick and pack, reduce returns, track items, manage bundles, and enjoy harmony at every step of your fulfillment process.

Best of all? Goods is built for simple, speedy deployment. Our in-house tech experts will make sure the system starts working for you right out of the box.


Plug-and-play integrations include:

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Amazon

  • Etsy

  • QuickBooks Online

… and plenty more always on the way!


From warehouse to website, we make controlling a product’s supply chain lifestyle a piece of cake. 

All your carriers. All your sales channels. All your orders. All your goods.

So join us in the Goods life, and watch Goods make your workday brilliantly simple.

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