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Bacon is redefining the workforce landscape. With our innovative platform, we connect performance-rated workers with flexible job opportunities across 22 major metropolitan areas in the United States, including Salt Lake City, Dallas Fort Worth, and Las Vegas. Our client-focused approach ensures businesses find the right talent for short-term and project-based needs, while also providing workers with a variety of job options, empowering them to choose when and where they work. Serving industries including catering & events, food service, and warehousing, Bacon is the ultimate staffing tool.


When it comes to warehousing, the success and reputation of your business depends largely on your ability to quickly fulfill orders with minimal mistakes and high efficiency. The problem is that quality, reliable workers are traditionally hard to come by on short notice. The solution is Bacon.

  • Quality Workers: Performance ratings ensure worker quality and reliability.

  • Quick Turnaround: Meet variable and seasonal demand on short notice—fill shifts in as little as one hour after posting.

  • Guaranteed Backup: Bacon sends backup workers to every shift, so you're never left short-handed.

Unlike traditional temp agencies, Bacon allows businesses to handle all their staffing needs from one convenient platform: 

  • Set wages

  • Post shifts with specific worker requirements

  • Select from a pool of local, qualified workers

  • Pay workers for completed shifts

  • Rate, block, and invite back workers

Join us in this new era of work flexibility and opportunity at baconwork.com.

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