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C & C Logistics Brokerage, Inc. is a leading force in the trucking brokerage business, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Specializing in connecting shippers with a vast network of trusted carriers, we orchestrate seamless transportation solutions across the entire United States. Our comprehensive range of services spans dry van, temperature-controlled, and flatbed transportation, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.


At the heart of our operations is a customer-centric approach, prioritizing tailored services to meet the unique requirements of each client. We actively seek and implement feedback, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving industry demands. Our top-rated carriers, equipped with AI dashcams and tracking for enhanced safety, form a robust network that guarantees the secure and timely delivery of goods.


Technological innovation is ingrained in our operations, with cutting-edge systems optimizing routes, providing real-time tracking, and ensuring transparency. This technology-driven approach not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes errors, setting new standards in the industry.


Safety is paramount, and our commitment goes beyond rhetoric. We invest in AI dashcams, ELDs, telematics, and tracking to coach drivers, prevent accidents, and provide accurate reporting, ensuring the well-being of both drivers and transported goods.


Our business model extends beyond profit generation; it encapsulates environmental responsibility and community involvement. We actively engage in volunteering within the communities we serve, contributing to positive societal impacts and aligning with the values of sustainability.


As a financially self-sustained company, we ensure stability, allowing us to pass cost benefits to our customers. This, coupled with a personalized approach, makes us a reliable and cost-effective transportation partner. C & C Logistics Brokerage, Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the trucking brokerage business, driven by a vision to redefine industry standards and foster enduring customer relationships.

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