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  • The Leader of Ultra Tested® Supplements with the Highest Quality Assurance Possible Since 1949.

  • Equipped with over 1,000 individually sourced materials, we offer white label and contract-manufactured products specifically for you. 

  • Multiple independent laboratories are utilized for nutraceutical testing. We manufacture products in our FDA compliant and cGMP facility.

  • Going far beyond what the FDA requires, we guarantee trust in a market with rising concerns and proof that we are free of environmental toxins.

  • We rigorously test raw ingredients and finished products for heavy metals, micros, toxic or rancid manufacturing exposure, quantity of strength, and additionally conduct a wide pesticide screen for botanicals.

  • Consistent feedback is received that our white label and contract products are most demanded by our clients' consumers.

  • We prioritize strong communication, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of clients' needs over flashy marketing campaigns.

  • We design labels to your branding guidelines for the products we manufacture for you.

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