Vanguard Conversion and Fulfillment

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Vanguard is a leading third-party converting and fulfillment service provider, catering to a wide range of
businesses from ecommerce and promotional marketing to B2C and B2B sectors. We specialize in
offering tailored services designed to meet the unique needs of startups, companies in the process of
scaling beyond their current operations, or those seeking a more satisfying solution than their existing
service providers. Our comprehensive suite of services we offer are warehousing, inventory
management, order processing, and an efficient pick, pack, and ship operation.
In addition to our core offerings, we provide an array of value-add services to enhance your fulfillment
strategy. This includes garment decoration, FBA preparation, reverse logistics, customizable kitting,
repackaging, bundling, custom labeling, and display building. Our investment in top-tier infrastructure
and a dedicated staff ensures that we not only meet but exceed your fulfillment expectations.
At the heart of our operation is a focus on optimizing your sales strategies and channels while
minimizing costs. We take a holistic approach to manage both the front and back-office operations of e-
commerce retailers, with an unwavering emphasis on precision in customer experience and satisfaction.
Our unique client engagement strategy guarantees personalized service and unmatched responsiveness,
underpinned by integrated fulfillment services that feature US-staffed customer support. With us, your
brand is poised to flourish in the competitive e-commerce landscape, backed by a partnership that
values efficiency, innovation, and a seamless customer journey.