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Gourmante's mission is to promote the healthy Mediterranean Lifestyle, offering authentic, high-quality, natural & safe products to help people live healthier, happier & longer.

Our guiding principle is the well-known quote by ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the founder of medicine: “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food”.

Following the successful launch of our 100% authentic Mediterranean food range with all-natural products and key ingredients of the renowned Mediterranean Diet (ranked No.1 for six consecutive years by U.S. News 7 World Report!), we went a step further to discover the true essence of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and its proven health benefits, excluding that is the weather!

Worried you'll miss out on all the health benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle by not living in the region?

Well, no more!


  • Gourmante Mediterranean Living Herbal Food Supplements, the result of a partnership with a Greek pharmaceutical company and research laboratory. They are all based on Mediterranean herbal bio-active extracts, providing consumers worldwide with the first-ever Mediterranean Living concept to support overall health better than any other form of supplementation!

  • Gourmante Mediterranean Living Beauty Products, inspired by the Mediterranean Lifestyle and packed with antioxidants to moisturize, nourish & heal your skin, hair & nails naturally

  • Gourmante Mediterranean Living Functional Foods, produced in the region with the highest quality ingredients, certified organic, Kosher & Vegan to help you get all the health benefits of the renowned Mediterranean Diet

Visit our booth #5073 at White Label World Expo to learn more about our company and the products launched in each category.

To Your Health!

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