PT. Indo Non Woven (INW)

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Established in 2008, PT. Indo Non Woven (INW) is a manufacturing company focused on personal care products, mainly wet wipes production. We have experiences more than 14 years in the field. In the late 2020, we have constructed a new facility with the highest standard and roughly 3 times the capacity of our previous facility. The new facility covers production for cosmetic products related as well. Our facility is audited and certified from local ministry of health CPPKRTB/CPKB, GMP, ISO, Halal, Disney Audited, ILS, as well as BRC CP. We are the Market Leader of OEM for the wet wipes in Local Market (Indonesia). Our customers are mostly retail outlets (such as Hypermart, Hero’s group, Alfamart, Yogya’s group) and Brand Owners (such as Kimberly Clark’s Softies, Pigeon, Mothercare, etc). INW aims to enter the export market for OEM with competitiveness in pricing, while adopting the highest international quality standard.

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