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Discover the easiest way to create and manage paid ads for your business online. Otis is a digital marketing automation platform to run effective ads that maximize return on ad spend and grow your business. On average, businesses that use Otis see 2-3x performance improvements and a 7x ROI.

With our powerful data-driven audience targeting and attribution, Otis leverages your customer data to help target ads to new and existing customers. With this data, Otis will learn which ads are doing best & deliver those ads to customers, making targeting more effective & improve performance.

To reach existing customers, Otis identifies people that have previously done business with you, and finds their profiles online to deliver your campaigns.

To reach new customers, Otis identifies profiles similar to that of your existing customers based on attributes like geography and interests.

Effortlessly create campaigns on FB, Instagram, Google, Youtube, TikTok, and more! Our AI automates and optimizes your campaigns by constantly testing different creatives across multiple channels and audience segments to effectively deliver your campaigns to the right audience, the right channel, and the right time.

While you’re busy focusing on your work, Otis dynamically adjusts your budget to prioritize the channels that are performing best at any given time. Our AI improves campaign results over time with dynamic bid and budget adjustments across channels, audiences and creatives, resulting in 10% - 20% monthly performance improvements on average.

Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience building and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

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