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OrangeBio is an established biotech company specializing in research, development, and industrial application of bio-based fully degradable polymer materials, and has dozens of independent brands, including OrangeBio® and GreenEco®. We aim to help industries switch to renewable, sustainably sourced biopolymers, which continue the versatility of plastics without physical waste and toxic ingredients. Our GreenEco bio-resins are the result of 20 years of science, backed by a wide range of international patents and certifications, and a solid foundation of industrial application. Compostable, biodegradable, and non-polluting, GreenEco bio resin blends are ideal for manufacturing single-use items which are cleaner and greener before, during, and after use. Made from food-grade, plant-based GreenEco bio-resin blends, OrangeBio compostable, and biodegradable products are the most comprehensive and extensive in the market and have broad applications in hospitality, retail, waste management, agriculture, and other industries. Our product portfolio covers certified compostable shopping bags, produce bags, bin liners, films, straws, take-out cutleries and containers, 3D printing filaments, injection products, and more. Under a composting environment, all the ingredients can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass within 90 days. OrangeBio has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, and Asia, and has partners representing OrangeBio Global in many countries. The company is committed to creating future value through continued R&D and establishing new manufacturing centers and a worldwide network of sales.

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