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OPLOG (www.oplog.io) is a technology company that accelerates the growth of eCommerce
businesses with software and robotic-powered fulfilment. OPLOG enables e-commerce brands to
operate without physical boundaries through its international fulfilment network and the ability to
track all the inventory and operational processes in several OPLOG fulfilment centres. OPLOG takes
care of all the storing, picking, packing, shipping, and return operations after the 'Purchase Button'
and lets e-commerce businesses focus on growing their brands.

Connecting businesses with its growing number of smart warehouses through an intuitive cloud-
based platform, OPLOG applies an automated and customer-focused approach to fulfilment.

Acknowledging the omnichannel nature of e-commerce, OPLOG lets businesses oversee and manage all their fulfilment operations remotely. Once a business owner signs on, they can immediately send merchandise to OPLOG’s physical smart-warehouses where items are automatically stored, picked, packed and distributed.

Tarqan (www.tarqan.com) an OPLOG-owned company, is responsible for developing cutting-edge
robots that have been designed specifically to improve warehouse productivity by as much as 300%.
Being one of the first companies, other than Amazon, to develop proprietary robotics technology in
its fulfilment centres, OPLOG aims to support and propel brands beyond industry 4.0 transformation.

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