Lavish Shea Butter

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Lavish Shea butter specializes in many different products. Lavish Shea Butter is real raw Shea butter whipped and infused with 100% almond oil used to soothe dry skin, acne, eczema, and all common skin problems while giving skin an organic radiant glow that lasts all day. We specialize in completely organic and handmade products. Our raw Shea is sourced and imported straight from Ghana, in its most high quality form. Our Shea butter is then condensed, melted and whipped with a drop of 100 % almond oil, and topped off with a few drops of naturally scented essential oils. Body and skincare options include both yellow and white unrefined Shea butter. Our yellow Shea butter is nature-rich, containing all the earth’s natural impurities that our skin truly need, while our white Shea butter is refined containing key properties for skins healing and moisture. Our product line has a list of selections including “lip scrubs” containing Shea butter, Almond oil, Coconut Oil, and Brown Sugar. Customers have the options to choose lip scrubs in both organic raw yellow, refined white and turmeric. Our turmeric scrub is mixed with turmeric powder which is a natural powder known to brighten, fade, remove dark marks/ dark spots and hyperpigmentation anywhere on the body. This product was created to treat customers who have discolored/ uneven blemishes. Our “Turmeric Dark-Spot treatment” Shea butter, contains unrefined Shea butter and organic turmeric powder. These two ingredients work together to soothe, heal, brightening discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes anywhere on the face and body. Customers are known to see fading and healing results within 2-14 days. Our “Lavish Hair Follicle Oils” contain 4 ingredients intended to stimulate blood flow to promote healthy hair growth. Ingredients include olive oil, castor oil, Indian camphor oil, and 21 organic hair growth herbs. Each ingredient serves a purpose intended to strengthen and stimulate healthy hair growth and fullness. Lastly our CBD Shea butter is best on market known to sooth, smooth, and heal joints, muscles, and tendons. All products are completely hand-made and and freshly prepared for every customer.

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