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You need help figuring out the import/export requirements and duty costs for multiple countries, right? Let us help you! Get answers before the customer transaction and shipment occurs! Our offering contains ai-driven oracles and human experts to determine a good’s: - Export jurisdiction, classification, and licensing - HTS/HS code - Country of origin - Free trade agreement eligibility - Import admissibility requirements - ESG scores We are the world’s first Know Your Goods™ SaaS that combines cross-border trade, ESG compliance, and collaboration between you and your suppliers, contract manufacturers, customers, and customs brokers on a single platform. No more redundant emails and attachments! Our mission is to transform global trade compliance from a siloed, redundant, costly, and cumbersome grind into an automated, AI-powered collaborative modern experience. Meet us on the exhibit floor and listen to us on the main stage to learn more!

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