Khona Scientific Inc.

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Khona Scientific is a biotech company with a biosynthesis platform that simplifies minor cannabinoid production. Our mission is to provide bio-identical, high-purity and cost-effective B2B cannabinoid isolate ingredients to companies within Nutraceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical verticals.

We believe dozens of cannabinoids have the potential to positively impact people's struggles with disease, health and wellness. Unfortunately, many cannabinoids with therapeutic potential are prohibitively expensive because they cannot be extracted at scale from hemp and cannabis plants. The high expense and low availability of these cannabinoids to date have hampered access for consumers and limited academic studies into efficacy.

Our cannabinoid biosynthesis platform was built from the ground up for the efficient production of minor cannabinoids. This technology reduces cost of production while exceeding industry standards of purity and consistency batch-to-batch.

Minor cannabinoids available now: CBN CBC CBL CBT Future production: CBG, CBGa, CBGV, CBGVa CBCa, CBCV, CBCVa  CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBDVa  THCV, THCVa CBNa  CBV, CBTV  CBLa, CBLV, CBLVa  CBE, CBEa, CBEV  CBND, CBNDV