Good Leaves Dispensary

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At Good Leaves Dispensary we strive to bring our patients clean, organically grown, and fresh medicine. Our vertical integration has allowed for us to provide product farm to table, ensuring the freshest medicine upon purchase and delivery. We focus on producing superior quality in our fields, greenhouses, and indoor facilities. The nutrient rich, open skyed, and well winded rolling hills that our East Texas location provides greatly enhances the terpene profiles and density of our flowers. Our superior quality is showcased by our top-tier exotic flower. Our focus on quality translates into our extracting and processing laboratories, where we use state of the art materials and industry leading procedures to create our highly concentrated medicine. Our flavorful and expertly cured concentrate is showcased in our solventless live rosin, fresh frozen live resin, and infused products. Putting our patients first, has and will continue to be our company way. We invite you to become part of the Good Leaves Dispensary family by experiencing our products, exploring our educational services, and participating in our events. Visit us online and tour our showroom located at 312 E. Houston St. Tyler, Texas.

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