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Cynthia Cariseo, Author of T.I.P.S. (Truth is the Power of Self) is a driven charismatic and passionate
entrepreneur, health consultant and wellbeing professional for over 40 years.
Cynthia specializes in health and anti-aging. Products for the Well Being of Humanity. Cynthia has
traveled all over the world studying and choosing the best body techniques and anti aging products you
can find.
Working with Doctors from France on Aromatherapy, Completion Course with Dr. Ping Zhang on Gua
Sha, working with Bill Converse on Air Purification with State of the Art Technology, and the finest CBD
products on the market. Cynthia and owner, Ellen Ehrlich of RX Formula trained 140 Doctor’s in Caracas,
Venezuela on Glycolic Acid and the best skin care products.
For the first 30 years of her life Cynthia lived in major discomfort, having migraine headaches, TMJ and
other structural issues. After moving to Philadelphia, Cynthia met a friend that introduced her to a
structural technique called Rolfing. After having 10 sessions 40 years ago, Cynthia went from
“Discomfort” to “Comfort”.
Continuing religiously with her body work, sitting in her Rolfers office 20 years ago, reading a health
magazine, she noticed an article called “The anti-aging product of the Century”. The article was on Gua
Sha. Studying for months, working on herself and friends, Cynthia could not believe the difference it
made in everyones physical and mental well-being. Cynthia now trains individuals on how to do this
incredible “Gift” at home as well as Completion Courses for Professionals.
Cynthia is a graduate of LaVarenne Culinary School in Paris, France. Cynthia owned and operated a
successful Restaurant, Cooking School and Catering Business in Philadelphia. Cynthia’s success brought
her to her TV Show on Organic Simplified Gourmet Cooking along with numerous Radio shows,
Newspaper articles and writing restaurant reviews for Philadelphia Magazine. Her dream come true was
to live in NYC where she catered for famous celebrities and major corporations. While living her dream
in NYC, she started a Health and Anti-Aging company with her partner, called Symmetry Plus, which
incorporated hand blended teas, aromatherapy and anti-aging skin care. Today, Cynthia is living her
dream and her passion.
A message from Cynthia
I spent one third of my life in major discomfort. Once I found relief through all the wonderful techniques
that the world has to offer, it changed my world. Gua Sha is THE MOST EFFECTIVE treatment I have
ever experienced. At 76 years old, I walk around in total comfort. Everyone should know about Gua
Live Life….Live it Healthy….Live One to Remember

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