Juicy Beverage Co, LLC

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Juicy Beverage Co offers 3 unique products. We have the world’s first Nano-emulsified Hemp Infused Hard Seltzer, a Hard Seltzer, and a Virgin 30 mg Nano-emulsified CBD Seltzer.

Our research and development team has developed a method to deliver CBD and Hemp through a high bioavailability method called Nano-emulsification which takes the hemp oil and breaks down the molecules into nanoparticles. This method benefits the consumer by allowing the blood cells to fully absorb the CBD. Blood cells can only fully absorb molecules that are 65 nanometers and smaller. With the nano-emulsification delivery method the consumer will absorb up to 100% of the active ingredient resulting in a higher efficacy, better value, and an overall satisfied experience! All 4 flavors of our virgin CBD Seltzers have a hint of flavor and light carbonation to give the consumer an enjoyable experience with every drink!

Our Hemp Infused Hard Seltzer is born from science, backed by science, and delivered with satisfaction! The world’s first Hemp Hard Seltzer takes the competition head on by doubling down on the alcoholic content. We also have 10x’s distilled premium vodka, zero sugar, and all natural ingredients. Hemp provides the good stuff that nature intended you to have. Our Hemp infused Hard Seltzer offer all the natural benefits with a pure hemp formula containing no TCH! No dull or faint flavors here! Enjoy vibrant flavors that provide an entourage of pleasure with each enjoyable sip! Unlike our competitors, Juicy’ s Hard and Hemp Seltzer packs a punch at 10% alcohol by volume we taken hard seltzers to an even harder level.

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