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Cypress has been in the package industry for over 20 years. We have facilities in China, Vietnam and Mexico. We specialize in the development of Premium packaging such as Rigid boxes, Folding cartons, Shopping bags, Plastic injection components, Tin boxes, and Point-of-sale displays. We have the ability to provide competitive pricing while maintaining direct control of all the raw material, paper/components, R&D, logistics, and quality control. We provide quick turnaround from the initial idea, to a mock up sample. Being independent and innovative, we share our thoughts and experience with your team to fill all requirements in order to meet or exceed your expectations. We work together as partners in every assignment with the mutual objective of providing a quality product at the agreed budget.
Our specialist can get involved during your initial designing stage, aiming to provide input on production practicality and cost implication, which can significantly reduce the back-and-forth correspondences after-wards and enhance the overall efficiency. To avoid variation in output standard, we have developing a set of checklists before initial production starts. This provides objective measure on the raw material, artwork & color, assembly steps and accessories etc. In such context, there will be less reliance on people judgment and hence deliver a more consistent output standard.

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