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My love for natural ingredients had me researching products that I could make and use on my skin. This eventually drove me to create personal handcrafted soaps and other bath products. After many, many trials & tests, it led to the birth of “Citrus Tree”, with the amazing support of my family and friends. All my soaps are handmade by me in small batches in a dedicated space at my home. My soaps are all-natural, palm-free and devoid of any artificial ingredients. My "mirepoix of oils" are always olive, coconut and castor oils. I do use shea, cocoa butters in place of palm-oil to harden my soaps. I do sometimes substitute shea butter with avocado butter or mango butter, depending on the recipe. As for scent, I only use essential oils and also do not use mica or oxides of any kind. My soaps are 100% natural as they are good for your body and the environment. I use clay, roots, decoctions, spices and infused oils to color my soaps.

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