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African heritage + Science = Adeba Nature Adeba Nature is a story of transmitted heritage, untapped traditional technology and science. It is a story that starts with the traditions of the founder’s grandmother, Yvonne, continues with her mother’s pharmaceutical knowledge and unfolds with the founder herself as its champion and keeper. Formally launched in 2018, Adeba Nature is a dermocosmetics company based in Côte d’Ivoire that creates and develops high value-added beauty products made from 100% natural ingredients, for both skin and hair care. With its formulas rich in innovative natural African raw materials, Adeba Nature's mission is to provide products adapted to all skin and hair types that give visible results in less than a month. Combining beauty, health and well-being, Adeba Nature intends to change the way the world looks at Africa by creating quality products that highlight the resources, know-how and innovation "made in Africa" while staying committed to the beauty and health of the whole family. Yvonne was fierce, she couldn’t read or write but she ran a business selling prized, traditional cloth across multiple countries’ borders. She did it while remaining flawless. The word “Adeba,” which means “chic, beautiful” in Agni, a local language from Côte d’Ivoire, represents her. Adeba Nature is a brand that combines all those qualities: a fierce, chic and beautiful brand, which constantly defies the odds, at the service of its teams, customers and the world.

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