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Exhibitor Spotlight: Leaf Tea Company

Leaf Tea Company has completely revolutionized the tea industry with their unique line of CBD-infused tea blends. Through their water-soluble CBD infusion utilized in every blend, Leaf Tea Company has successfully heightened the many benefits of drinking tea. Designed to enhance the lives of tea drinkers globally, their hand-selected blends promote healing, relaxation, and tranquility of the mind, body, and soul.

Their specialized infusion allows the body to absorb up to 12X more of the CBD benefits. Brian S. from Phoenix, AZ noted, “I have had to eat 10 mg edibles to have a good night's sleep religiously. One cup of CBD infused chamomile and I slept like a baby. Best night sleep I have had in a very long time.”

Leaf Tea Company prioritizes transparency and integrity in their efforts, only sourcing quality ingredients that are backed by third-party test results. By utilizing professional cannabis researchers that provide comprehensive data sheets, they can support any and all claims made about supporting a healthy lifestyle. To support this mission, they have also started offering biodegradable disposable tea bags that are unbleached and fully compostable.

As a leader within the space, Leaf Tea Company also provides full-service white labeling and can utilize their expertise to add CBD tea varieties to any company’s product lines. Not only can they source, blend, infuse, and package specialized tea blends, but they also offer full branding services including website design and logo creation.

You can learn more about Leaf Tea Company at the White Label World Expo on September 1st & 2nd at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Secure your free tickets today!