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Engage the senses and sell more.

Did you know that 75% of all emotions are triggered by scentand that we are100 timesmore likely to remember something we smell over something we see, hear or touch? With aconnection so powerful to be made with yourcustomers, scent marketing is the thirddimensionof your brand thatyou simply can’t afford to miss, here’s why.

Businesses small and large are nowharnessing the power of scentto influence and develop deeper connections with theircustomers.The use of scent isfast becoming the go-to branding super-power that can define a brand, set it aside from thecompetition, positively influenceand elevate the connection betweenbrandand customer.

It’s a heaven scent marketing trick backed by science.

Scent, emotion and memory are scientifically intertwined.Hacking the human hard drive, uploading and locking in yourbrand story is easier than you might think.

Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb, a rounded mass of tissue thatcontains several types of nerve cells located at thefront of the brain. It sends information to the other areas of the body for further processing;here scent takes a direct routeto the limbic system, including the amygdala (the core of the neural system) and the hippocampus, which plays a vital rolein learning, emotion and memory.

Develop a multisensory brandexperience.

When you include scent in your brand furnishing you develop a multi-sensory experience. A custom blended fragrance, thatrepresents your brandaddsauniquethird dimension to yourstory andprovides a way for your customers to furtherdifferentiate you froma competitor, furthermore as we are more likely to remember a scent over what we see or hear,you’re including the most unforgettable way to present your brand;building alasting connectionwith warmth andfamiliarity between brand and customer.

Positively influence the mood of your customer.

Thepower of a perfectly formulated perfume canpositivelyinfluence the mood(and intention)of your customer. Withgreat ease you can dictate the mood set, through scent.Aromatic scents, such as lavender and chamomileare perfect forcreating a calm atmosphere and evoking relaxation. Whereas citrus and cinnamons can energise a conference room andactivate.From industry to audience, scent can play a subtle, yet significant role in transformingbrandperceptions and completing anexperience for maximum effect. Fromspasand beauty boutiques to hotels and car showrooms–a perfectly curated scentcan help you to create the right atmosphere for your customers.

Tell your brand story through scent with The Perfume Studio.

Whether you want to define your brand through scent (including personal fragrances) or develop a scent to induce aparticular mood or mindset–we make the process simple and enjoyable.A custom blended fragrance can be realised from thesimplest of design briefs, curated to tell any brand story or satisfy themost complex ofscenttastes. With akaleidoscope ofblendsavailable for you to exploreourexperiencedfragrance expertswillguide you throughthe processaligning top, middle and base notes intoa perfect arrangement.What’s more, with low MOQs available–a signature scent for your brand is much more accessible than you might think.

Want to leverage scent marketing to maximise the customer experience and create lastingconnections?

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