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Will cannabis legalisation have a positive or negative impact on UK society?

Having this debate with many people, I’ve heard different viewpoints everytime. Some which I believe and others which I disagree with completely. This topic isn’t a black and white answer and requires intricate analysis to come to an educated conclusion. 


The fact is Cannabis is illegal in the Uk, however CBD is legal but still restricted to some extent. Let’s start off with statistics, approximately 8-11% of adults use CBD in the UK (that’s around 5 million people). The demographics for CBD are interesting because it shows that users of CBD aged 25-30 use it for anxiety and 40 years and older use it for pain. Between a male and female, A survey shows that females use CBD more than males. The industry is growing at an insane rate and by 2025 that market value for CBD in the UK should be at 1 billion but what if the UK was to legalise not just CBD but the entire cannabis industry, similar to Holland.


I struggled with epilepsy for 5 years and I’ve been an active CBD user for 2 years. From my personal experience, CBD has definitely helped my condition by decreasing the amount of seizures I have, in fact I’ve been seizure free for over a year now. I’m not saying CBD was the main reason why my seizures have gotten better over the years (because I’ve combined a range of methods like healthy eating and exercise) but the intake of CBD has contributed to my overall health. 


The main pro’s of legalisation of cannabis is the benefit for the economy, having more cannabis businesses will increase spending and earning in the UK and allow more people to access high quality brands. The impact on the health sector will be enormous. Legalisation will also allow people to consume high quality brands to improve health issues such as pain, fatigue and many more health deficiencies but if we lived in a world with pro’s and no cons, it would be a perfect world.

One main con is the lack of consistency of transparent and quality products from brands. Time after time, customers don’t know what they’re buying. They hear CBD and don’t know the difference between THC and CBD. They don’t actually know how much CBD is in the product, which is an increasing problem for consumers. I’m talking of CBD because that part of cannabis has been legalised but even if we legalise cannabis we’ll have the same problem and the FDA will have a hard time monitoring an industry that’s exploding with growth and is going to continue to grow.


CBD has been legalised in the UK and I do believe cannabis can be legalised as well but under a few conditions. Regulators and brands need to work with platforms that educate users about cannabis, CBD and health. Both parts of the industries are in need of brands that consistently create high quality, transparent brands. 


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