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Most e-liquids do not meet legal requirements for packaging, study finds

Research conducted by the regional government of Baden-Württemberg in Germany has found that 86% of vaping products inspected did not fully comply with existing labelling and packaging regulations.

After analysing 49 nicotine-containing e-liquids from 40 manufacturers, the German state’s market surveillance authority on chemical safety found errors in the labelling and packaging of most of them.

Researchers purchased a random sample of 10 ml bottles of e-liquids with up to 20 mg/ml nicotine and different flavours at the Hall of Vape trade fair in Stuttgart in 2019.

In 42 of the products, the labels were difficult to read or the mandatory safety instructions were missing, according to the researchers’ report published late last year.

Evidence of non-compliance with the classification, labelling and packaging of substances (CLP) regulations was also found, with deficiencies in hazard warnings.

The research, undertaken by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector, along with the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Agency, found that most of the vendors were not aware of these requirements but only about the equally relevant tobacco product regulations for labelling and packaging of e-liquids.

All of them voluntarily changed their labelling after they were informed in writing about the legal deficiencies by the respective authorities.

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