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Product Review: VIB CBD Gum

In life, there isn’t much else that can compare to healthy living. VIB firmly believes in healthy living and states a refusal to compromise business integrity by using anything but the most responsible and sustainable practices. With their gum, VIB’s goal is to make it easy to purchase, dose, and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

To create their mainline product, they implemented extensive researching practices and selected their optimum CBD for use. They ensured that their product was sourced in the most effective way possible and contains zero THC.

They source some of the finest CBD that is extracted through the process of advanced CO2 extraction, which is not only considered as one of the most efficient methods of extraction, but is also known to produce the purest form of CBD. With VIB’s purified CBD, they offer extreme accuracy in dosing as well as up to 5 times faster absorption when you choose one of their differing strengths in CBD Gum. Overall this innovative CBD product offers you multiple upsides with almost none of the common disadvantages that may come with using CBD.

Through VIB’s Blog and Ambassador Program they hope to help people better understand and get educated on the topic of CBD use and how it may offer a positive impact on their lives.

The VIB Gum offers a simple and convenient way to intake CBD, with the added benefit of the cooling mint flavor. However, VIB doesn’t just want to sell you a pack of gum. Their mission is to help people live healthier and happier lives, achieving this through their mission of offering the very best CBD derived from hemp.