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In The Spotlight - Molecular Health Technologies!

Molecular Health Technologies LLC. is an incomparable supplier of the highest-quality commodity bulk raw ingredients as well as innovative, science-based, trademarked and patented compounds for the nutraceutical, beverage, and functional food markets. With over 50 years of combined experience encompassing formulations, global sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, Molecular Health Technologies is able to offer turn-key solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Powered by a consultative approach, we strive not only to understand but to satisfy the needs of our clients. 

We create customized solutions that encompass innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and novel delivery systems for each and every one of our customers. Our Strategic Partnerships enable us to drive the dietary supplement, beverage, and functional food marketplace by providing domestic cGMP manufacturing of specific high-quality fruit and caffeine standardized extracts; increasing the bioavailability of poorly absorbed compounds through cutting-edge proprietary technology; and offering unique liquid delivery systems for existing solid-dose products. Molecular Health Technologies LLC. is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and protocols, while continuing to optimize the efficacy and delivery of the ingredients we offer to the natural products marketplace. 

Our customers can attest that we constantly strive to accomplish our mission of servicing them with intelligence, innovation, and integrity. In an industry where, oftentimes, mediocrity can flourish, you know you’re in good hands when you work with Molecular Health Technologies LLC. Molecular Health Tech is by far and away the most dependable, innovative, and customer service friendly raw material supplier. They continuously provide their clients with novel solutions for even the hardest to source ingredients and formulation ideas. Learn more about Molecular Health Technologies here!