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Article provided by Dirty Beauty; posted November 18th, 2019

You can start a successful Beauty Brand with 1 amazing product. 

We recommend starting with 1 or 2 products (3 at most). Delivering results takes a lot of research, trial-and-error, corrections, and tweaking. Pouring all your focus, energy, time and creativity in one targeted effort is a sure formula for success.

Sell sellable products.

Develop beauty products that are sellable. They have to be formulated right, packaged right, branded right and a group of loyal fans have to be willing to buy the product(s) on a regular basis. Design products that are super-targeted and developed for a specific need. Solve a skincare problem and package it in a way that makes it easy for buyers to buy.

Think outside the box.

Get outside the box. Shake it. Turn it over. What will happen if you make a product smaller? Larger? Vegan? Organic? How can packaging improve the experience of the person using it?

Consider having the framework of your marketing and sales plan complete.

Your marketing and sales goals can help you make decisions on how your product is developed.

Allow us to use our expertise to make recommendations.

Your products are YOURS. We are surrogates for bringing the vision of your products to existence. We have knowledge and experience that can tip the scales of your product to next level magic. Our collaboration can create something the world has yet to see. Please be open to hearing a variety of viewpoints for your benefit.

Study industry periodicals (ie HAPPI) to stay on track/ahead of industry trends.

What’s going on in beauty across the country? Around the world? What research is being conducted? Read between the lines to get insight into what it takes to give your Brand the edge.


Tying your Brand to a charity whether anonymously or publicly gives your Brand balance and a deeper sense of purpose.

Fill a very specific need.

Especially for communities, you may be a part of. For example, I used to coach gymnastics. Gymnasts get ‘rips’ on their hands from working on the bars. I love the idea of a ‘RIP BALM’ made exclusively for gymnasts. A product like that when formulated with solution-oriented results can be an amazing niche product. I love the idea of regional products too. Beauty solutions for dry climates, high altitude cities, and towns and more can provide solutions for specific needs.

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