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What is the Amazon Buy Box and How to Win It?

What is the Amazon Buy Box and How to Win It?

Selling products on Amazon is no walk in the park. You are bound to face intense competition for many of the products that you sell. If you want to increase sales, knowledge of the buy box and how to win it is necessary.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?
The Amazon buy box is the white box located on the right side of the Amazon products detail page. This is where shoppers can add additional items for purchase to their cart. As a seller you can be represented in the buy box, your product is the one that gets added to a shoppers cart or a product that they are purchasing right away. 

The buy box can be thought of as your final e-commerce sales funnel. Sellers are constantly competing to win the buy box because they want their product to be selected when customers click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

Buy Box Eligibility
To be eligible for the Buy Box, you must have a professional Amazon seller account. This plan comes with a subscription fee priced at $39.99 per month and comes with a multitude of beneficial seller privileges. These privileges include having full access to the buy box. Sellers that do not have this plan are not eligible for the buy box. In addition to this, products that are being sold must be new and completely stocked.

Amazon does have an algorithm set in place to determine which sellers of a certain product will be represented in the buy box. To be considered as an eligible selection for the buy box, sellers must have an extraordinary reputation, great customer reviews and metrics. The focus of Amazon is to provide the best customer experience possible. By administrating buy box privileges, Amazon continues to maintain the best e-commerce shopping experience for its consumer base.

Winning the Buy Box
The best way to win the buy box is to optimize your Amazon strategy. Amazon is a competitive marketplace to master and although there is no set formula in place on how to win the buy box, there are a variety of factors that are known to sway your ability to win it. 

  • These performance factors include:

  • History of Increased Performance: A consistent fulfillment of successfully placed large orders shows Amazon that you’re a notable and dependable seller that can deliver a positive high-quality customer experience.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Amazon heavily focuses on providing a positive shopping experience for each customer.

  • Maintaining Great Customer Service:

  • Put your customers at the core of everything that you do- By Internalizing the Amazon vision and taking the time to listen to your customers you will gain valuable insight to understand and connect with them. 

  • The needs of consumers are constantly evolving- Understanding them opens a clear path to follow necessary steps toward meeting the needs of consumers.

  • Utilize Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA): This is one method that can be used for sellers to fulfill orders. FBA passes the responsibility of fulfillment to Amazon! Buy box preferences are given to FBA sellers because Amazon knows that orders will be fulfilled on time. 

  • FBA Sellers are Eligible for Amazon Prime- Amazon prefers sellers that are Prime eligible to be in the Buy Box. This is because most consumers pay for Prime and prefer products that they can have delivered in two days.

All in all, several different things can be done to help you win the Buy Box. If you need help with your strategy to win the Amazon Buy Box or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Channel Key Amazon consultants.  As a full-service Amazon agency, we are dedicated to helping you increase your sales.