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Keynote Speaker
Shiree Woody: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Shiree Woody

Founder - Shiree's Keys

Making It To The Top In High Heels

Women love shoes. From flats to flip-flops, high heels to pumps, to sneakers and red bottoms a great pair of shoes displays personality, status and mindset. I help women see how their love of shoes can help them navigate their journey to the top in their profession. Always have a pair and a spare, you never know when you’ll need to make a quick change or adjust your strategy especially when there’s pain in the pumps. This is a very visual presentation. I use shoes to demonstrate the climb to the top as I walk participants through the process.

About Shiree Woody

I started my career as a prop, now I’m a multi-award winning journalist and a skilled public speaker. I have Emmy, Polk and Associated Press Awards for excellence in broadcasting, newscast producing and special project coverage. Pretty good for a teen who was so petrified of speaking in front of the camera all I could do was sit at a round table and nod my head as others asked questions of the guests, hence the title, PROP.

I’m curious by nature, always looking for the answer behind the answer, searching for new perspectives and creating engaging content. I thrive on helping others. I love mentoring the next generation of journalists, learning from veterans in the business and developing great content that sucks in the viewers before they realize it and then they can’t turn away.

I lead by example, always encouraging people to take risks, unleash their creative juices and build on their accomplishments. I enjoy leading and building great teams and there’s nothing better than when we win big together. I’ve held several news management positions all across the country; Detroit, New York, Indianapolis, Washington State, Florida and most recently Las Vegas, Baby!