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Pamela Trepanier: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Pamela Trepanier

Founder - Stronk Coffee Co.



About Pamela Trepanier

Founder Pamela Trepanier has worked in the coffee business since the late ’90s as a barista for multiple Dunkin Donuts stores in NH and small cafe’s. It was a lifelong dream to one day own a cafe and serve coffee, art, music, and good food. In 2016, that dream crept back around when she became the General Manager for Ellefson Coffee Co. owned by her friend, the iconic metal bassist of legendary Megadeth, author, and entrepreneur David Ellefson, where she managed and helped build a rock museum/coffee cafe in Jackson, MN to honor the rockstar, and also toured the country serving coffee to hundreds of thousands of fans across the States on Danny Wimmer Festivals where icons also drank our coffee and took to the stage. She then created a cold brew formula in which people kept buying and asking for the formula where the opportunity to teach the formula in multiple coffee retailer shops across the USA occurred in 2019. Shortly after departing Ellefson Coffee for a corporate job, multiple artists and retailers wanted to white label their own coffee brands with none other than her so, with her friend David Ellefson’s blessing, Pamela created Stronk Coffee Co. with her love Mikael Parks, who named the brand Stronk and wrote the hilarious iconic story above. Our Blueberry Cinnamon Swirl is the favorite and top seller, followed by our bold French Roast Dark. Pamela makes it a point to try coffee everywhere she goes. A huge supporter of coffee brands and people learning how to create their own bean should the opportunity arise for them. I’m not a fan of politics on business and Stronk Coffee’s back label story was a reminder not to take things so seriously, except coffee. I take coffee very seriously which is why I created Stronk. I wanted to drink strong coffee made my way. While doing business both bold and smooth.