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Muhammad Faiz Alam Khan: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Muhammad Faiz Alam Khan

Director - The Invest Lab

Dynamic World Business and Its Growth

This seminar will go through the in's and out's of world business dimensions and how current changes in the global growth market can be fully capitalized. With the inevitable growth of international business coming to South Asia, investment opportunities are a prime objective of any business looking to expand into this advancing region of the world. Learn how you can invest and grow your business through the South Asian market.

About Muhammad Faiz Alam Khan

Muhammad is an eager entrepreneur, trained in helping organizations with their growth. He is a communication guru with excellent community-building skills to handle operations of any kind. With a background in Electrical Engineering and work experience in the social impact sector for United Nations and Hult Prize, he is skilled at working with stakeholders of all kinds. Muhammad employs a collaborative and inclusive approach to managing and working with global teams of all sizes and achieving business objectives. He has an extensive history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry and is a strong business development professional with an engineering background.