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Jeff Allen: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Jeff Allen

CEO - Orbis International

Why Compelling Content Matters

We will discuss the reasons why compelling content is vital to your brand’s success on any platform. From main image to thumbnail images to videos, you need content that will grab your customer’s attention and give them a reason to purchase your product. We will look and both bad and good content and evaluate the reasons why.

About Jeff Allen

For nearly my entire career I have known that a product is more than just a product, it is a story – and telling that story effectively can make or break your brand or product.
Are you only showing your customers a line list of your product’s features, or are you emotionally engaging them through your brand voice and content?
Are you using your brand to make the customers a part of your journey, or are you simply telling them why they should buy your product?
Can customers even find your product or brand in relevant channels when searching for you, or are you buried underneath a pile of inferior competitors?
The journey to making your product and brand relevant can seem at times insurmountable.
Which is why for over 12 years I have been dedicated to helping brands tell their story through their product, using major ecommerce platforms like Amazon to work with companies across games, tech and entertainment. Gone are the days where simply having “the best product” is enough to keep your brand thriving – without a story to tell, the right content to tell it, and the right engagement strategy to drive it, your brand simply can’t achieve its full potential.
Storytelling on your product page can come in many ways, and I am focused on working with you to find the solutions that fit your product and needs, so that your brand’s potential can be reached. Not only can I help you understand how to navigate these challenges, I will also provide you with the education to help continue to apply these strategies for years to come. I have an unbridled passion and unfettered curiosity for helping brands tell their story online, and I hope you will let me help tell yours next.