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Our mission is to take the lead in sustainability by highlighting the very latest sustainable packaging solutions and strategies. We provide our audience with indispensable, up-to-date information on all aspects of sustainable packaging. This is achieved via multiple platforms; our website, our monthly newsletters, our popular social media channels and our print magazine.

With the goal of separating out the greenwash from the solutions which genuinely help make a difference, each edition of Sustainable Packaging News Magazine includes key interviews with industry experts representing a cross-section of the entire value chain. We rigorously explore high-level challenges faced by companies who aim to be consistently more sustainable and present the solutions they have found to meet these challenges.

Our website focuses on sustainable packaging innovations. We share thought leadership around this extremely hot-topic as well as commentary from leading brand owners, sustainability organisations, waste management specialists and retailers. The Sustainable Packaging News team welcome all news stories and press releases and are also extremely grateful for opportunities for original content or exclusive reporting on big stories. These are the articles we promote most heavily across all our channels.

We provide our clients with extremely targeted exposure to our Worldwide audience via multiple platforms. This year, our web traffic more than doubled from January to February. We are gaining approximately 80 new LinkedIn followers every day (now over 7,000) and have over 20,000 newsletter subscribers. For more information, visit our website, you can subscribe to our newsletters here or for any enquiries, contact Kevin Gambrill