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CruxFinder is one of the largest Newsletters for Amazon Sellers in the World. Featured at #1 position among the "19 Best eCommerce Newsletters You Need To Read in 2021" by Teikametrics and featured in "10 Valuable Resources For The Amazon Seller Community" by Seller Engine.

Unprecedented growth in eCommerce pushed more businesses to set up online stores and sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Brands & Merchants are overwhelmed with information overload and cannot focus on key trends and insights. CruxFinder newsletter provides top eCommerce trends, opportunities & expert insights every week to make lives simpler for merchants & brands.

We value our reader’s time & strive to provide deeply researched, highly relevant, and insightful content for the eCommerce industry. Our readers include 80K merchants primarily across the US who sell online & offline, retail & wholesale. High relevancy is our hallmark.