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Ship products your customers love and improve satisfaction, 5X faster using ChatGPT. Discover a wealth of insights without lifting a finger.


Core value 1: Comprehensive Amazon review data

Currently, Amazon only displays 100 reviews, but Shulex has access to the complete set of Amazon review data, allowing for more comprehensive and accurate analysis.


Core value 2: The most scientific consumer insights.

We use self-developed AI models to analyze consumer profiling, purchase motivations, and expectations, among other aspects. This saves a significant amount of analysis time and improves the efficiency of product selection and development. It also allows us to quickly identify popular products ahead of the competition.


Core value 3: Competitive analysis.

Conduct a comprehensive comparison of product features and perform in-depth analysis. This allows to compare products at a granular level and identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, we can assess whether the noise-canceling level of headphones meets customer satisfaction.


Core value 4: AI-powered intelligent headline and selling point generation.

Based on consumer insights and keyword analysis, we can utilize the capabilities of ChatGPT4 to write product descriptions that are not only reader-friendly and SEO-optimized but also address the challenge of multiple languages.


Core value 5: AI-enhanced post-sales user experience.

AI's ability to automatically learn product knowledge and user insights enables more timely and user-friendly responses to customer queries. Leveraging our knowledge base, we can address customer questions efficiently, overcoming challenges related to time zones and multiple languages.

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