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The Herbal Horse and Pet formulate and manufacture a range of natural supplements for horses, dogs and cats. (Also humans, soon!)

Why these products?

They work. Really.

Here are just two of the many testimonials we get. You can read more on our websites and on the Facebook pages.

Tanya about Allergy Formula:
“It really works!! She's already been on it for a month and it's been amazing... Jane (the dog) has been on cortisone almost all 3yrs of her existence plus special food etc etc but one month on this and she is no longer inflamed or itching all the time plus no more cortisone and she eats normal dog food now! It has changed
her life (and mine).”

Hannah on Calm mix:
“We have used Calm Mix on an eventing mare who just lived right on the edge at competitions, particularly in the dressage & show jumping warm up. Other big name brands of calmers had all failed to achieve the desired result, with many of them making her worse on a day to day basis. She had become really stupid and spooky out hacking and in her work ('playing' with traffic is not ideal when being ridden by a 14yo, albeit a very competent one). Thankfully, someone recommended this calmer on a UK forum and I decided it was worth giving it a go. It's been nothing short of a miracle! She is a completely different mare at competitions and at home – relaxed, willing and entirely focused on her work. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Why these products?

They are different to others.
Better even.

Natural products often use the same old ingredients, over and over again. The only thing that differs is the price.

But have a closer look at our ingredients. These are completely different. These ingredients do work, they have got scientific data to back them up. They do comply with natural product legislation. But they are, in many cases, completely unlike those used in other products.

This is innovation. We call it
'cutting edge nature'.

Ideally, we are looking for a reputable and inspired partner in the USA to be part of the launch of this brand new and exciting range.

Our products are tried, tested, established and successful in South Africa and launch ready for the USA.

We would like to chat about ideas around manufacturing  licencing, white labelling and/or distribution.

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