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Keynote Speaker
Yoni Mazor: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Yoni Mazor

How Minimize Amazon Fees & Increase Profit

Amazon Fees keep on rising over the years. Amazon sellers must recognize the type of fees that are impacting their business and learn how they can be reduced. This seminar will focus on helping Amazon sellers become aware of the major Amazon fees, and provide practical strategies on how some of the fees can be reduced or even avoided.

This seminar is both virtual & live at the event!
View Yoni's virtual seminar here!

About Yoni Mazor

Yoni is the CGO & Co-Founder of GETIDA. Yoni began developing GETIDA after successfully operating a $20 million yearly Amazon FBA business, selling fashion brands internationally. GETIDA specializes in eCommerce discrepancy analytics and consulting. By utilizing data visibility technology, GETIDA focuses on discovering and managing financial and inventory-related discrepancies with billions of dollars of transactions managed daily. Yoni also comes with military intelligence experience, having served in the IDF Special Navy Intelligence.