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Takaya Maddox: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Takaya Maddox

Founder & CEO - Kandy Girl Cosmetics, LLC.

Beauty Is The Billion Dollar Industry

Who wants to win? WE ALL DO! Beauty is the billion-dollar industry. This class is focused on how to win in the Billion Dollar Industry of Beauty. We win when we produce quality products that our clients can purchase. Everyone in their lifetime will need beauty professional and beauty products. Therefore, we must provide them with a product that pleases them. When they are pleased, they buy and become winners. A win for the client is a WIN FOR YOUR COMPANY! So, lets win together in this billion-dollar beauty industry.

About Takaya Maddox

Takaya Maddox is the CEO and Founder of Kandy Girl Cosmetics, LLC. Mrs. Maddox has been a Beauty Professional for 25+ years. Mrs. Maddox has been a salon owner for over 17 years, and she has also possessed
the title of Master Educator for 5 years. Her wealth of knowledge and industry experience has positioned her to be a standout in her community. This leading role has led to her being on MSNBC as a spokesman on how Covid has affected the Beauty Industry. Mrs. Maddox believes her purpose is to inspire others and build confidence. She plans to accomplish this by providing quality products, valuable education, and purposeful content in Business & Beauty.