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Sudhir Shah: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Sudhir Shah

Founder, Chief Scientist - Choice All Natural

Clean Label Beauty Products & Manufacturing

This seminar will provide important knowledge on the danger of petrochemicals commonly used by 99% of skin care brands. Consumer awareness is increasing and buyers are beginning to demand an honest and safe marketplace. Learn more about Choice All Natural’s GMP compliant manufacturing facility and why collaborating with businesses who formulate and manufacture products without use of toxic chemicals and materials is critical in meeting a growing consumer demand for clean products.

About Sudhir Shah

Scientist, Innovator and social entrepreneur, Mr. Shah has been involved in creating clean label beauty products for over ten years. He is passionate about holistic health & wellness and getting toxic chemicals out of consumer products. He incorporates ancient medical science of Ayurveda and the cutting-edge scientific research in molecular biology to formulate topical treatments that are not only safe enough to eat but also offer optimum bio-availability of therapeutic botanicals. His clients include not only conscious start-ups but also many reputed brands wanting to cater to fast growing customer base for clean label beauty and topical treatment products. His expertise in CBD infusion in topical products for optimal absorption has made his formulations a gold standard for the natural and organic industries.