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Keynote Speaker
Jordan Hyde: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Jordan Hyde

Director of Product Development & Supply Chain - QuickBox

How to Profit from the 5 Hottest Private Label Opportunities

Jordan speaks from his 25 plus years of experience in the health and beauty industry to help you identify and profit from the 5 biggest trends in private label consumer products. He ties in his experience in product development, distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain management to provide you with invaluable information to help your ecommerce business grow and profit successfully in the health and beauty space.

About Jordan Hyde

Jordan has been part of the dietary supplement for over 25 years. His roles include leading Supply Chain, Product Development, Quality and Compliance and overall Operations. He has been involved in companies representing every aspect of the industry: He has worked with brands involved in Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Retail and E-Commerce. He has also worked in the manufacturing sector of the industry including being the co-founder of a manufacturing facility specializing in gel packs and other products in flexible packaging. He joined QuickBox Fulfilment in 2018 bringing his expertise and innovative approach as Director of Product Development and Supply Chain. QuickBox is a two-time Inc. 500 winner, designed for internet marketers’ fulfilment and on-demand inventory solutions, who will continue to seek new ways to drive value and innovations into the health, beauty and nutrition industry.