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Stefan Mladenovic, Robert Mate, & Kristina Mladenovic: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Stefan Mladenovic, Robert Mate, & Kristina Mladenovic

CEO and Co-founder, VP of Sales, Lifecycle Manager - Taxually kft.

Expand Your Business Internationally

VAT is one of the main show-stoppers for expanding to Europe. The seminar focuses on the various VAT aspects of this expansion and elaborates on the challenges of registrations, the simplification that technology can add in the ongoing monthly process and how various integrations may remove the burden of repeated data provisions.

About Stefan Mladenovic, Robert Mate, & Kristina Mladenovic

Stefan Mladenovic – CEO and co-Founder of Taxually
Stefan has been engaged with taxes and VAT for almost a decade. Starting off his career at KPMG and finally deciding to set up his own shop to transform how VAT is done today. As a pioneer of simplifying taxation matters in the various roles Stefan held in the past his main objective was to boil down the complexities of the tax world and make it as simple as possible for the taxpayers to comply. Powered by technology, Taxually stands at the avant-garde of revolutionising VAT compliance.

Róbert Máte – VP of Sales at Taxually
“Sell me this pen.” – a phrase we often associate with Robert at Taxually. Albeit his involvement in the various aspects of VAT from consulting to compliance, his true merits are in developing customer relationships and helping clients on their way to success. Throughout his career Robert has managed a vast amount of Amazon merchant accounts from the smallest to the largest. This allows him to understand the challenges and routes to success of various businesses. With Robert on your side you can rest assured that your business is setting up for growth.

Kristina Mladenovic – Lifecycle Manager
Customer success does not end with helping our clients to set up shop, it is a continuous journey. Joining us from the high-end hotel market, Kristina brings the highest standards of customer care to our team leading our onboarding process and making sure that even at scale we offer a tailored service to our customers. Over the last year Kristina helped more than 2000 Amazon merchants enter the European market and get their VAT numbers as quickly as possible.