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Sebastian Castaneda: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Sebastian Castaneda

Founder & CEO - RebatePal Inc.

How To Maximize Sales And Traffic For Your Next Product Launch

Learn how white label sellers are using RebatePal''s automated rebate and coupon campaigns to rapidly boost product recognition and increase sales on Amazon. Through our unique, first-principles approach, attendees will learn about the most common disadvantages made by new sellers, why many Amazon listings don''t succeed, and how to tap into profitable marketing audiences off of Amazon

About Sebastian Castaneda

Sebastian Castaneda is an Amazon selling consultant and strategist with over 5 years of experience in eCommerce and the Amazon marketplace. He is the founder of ZonRush, Inc., a full-service agency specializing in product launches and Amazon advertising management, and RebatePal, Inc., an automated rebate and coupon marketing solution created exclusively for Amazon sellers.

Sebastian and the ZonRush team have worked with over 500 Amazon brands and have conducted over 500 product launches for Amazon sellers of all levels.

Sebastian hosts "The Savvy Amazon Sellers Podcast," a podcast that helps Amazon Sellers learn and adopt the most up-to-date best practices for starting and scaling Amazon businesses. He is also the Full-Metal FBA Amazon Selling course creator and has been previously featured on JungleScount, Helium10, OrangeKlik, and Freedom Ticket. His content and courses have reached over 240k people in 4 continents.

Sebastian lives in Austin, Texas. You can reach him at