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Scott Letourneau: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Scott Letourneau

CEO - Sales Tax System

Advanced U.S. E-Commerce Expansion Steps to Grow and Protect Your Profits

Looking to expand your e-commerce business into the U.S.?

Learn how to protect your profits and brand while avoiding hidden costly mistakes.

Like playing chess, your e-commerce success depends on making the right opening moves and strategy to win your match.

I’ll show you the best-opening moves and strategy from operating as a foreign or U.S. entity, U.S. tax compliance, and requirements to sell on multiple platforms.

About Scott Letourneau

For over twenty years, Scott Letourneau has helped thousands of people launch businesses around the world. As the "go-to expert" for e-commerce growth, he has guided online-sellers in expanding their sales into the U.S. marketplace and beyond.

Working with top tax attorneys and leading accountants, Scott has developed turnkey systems to help sellers maximize profits, minimize taxes while protecting their assets.

As a highly-regarded advisor, he has partnered with leading e-commerce companies such as Payoneer, Shopify, Sears, Catching Clouds, Taxify, Taxjar, and Avask Accounting.

Scott's been a trusted resource providing the most accurate and timely information to companies and individuals to ensure their online-selling success.

"Scott has been a valuable partner to Payoneer for several years, and as a leading expert in U.S. expansion, including entity formations and U.S. taxes, his knowledge is valuable to Payoneer''s global eCommerce merchants." -Ben Stein, Partnership at Payoneer