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Saddam Hasan & Kamaljit Singh: Speaking at the White Label World Expo USA

Saddam Hasan & Kamaljit Singh

Understand Buyer’s Mindset – 7 Steps to Unlock Amazon Listing’s Potential

Amazon sellers often make the mistake of creating listings based on their preferences. Well performing Brands always exercise practices to understand their customer avatar and make listings based on customer behaviour analytics.

In this seminar, we will take you through a step by step roadmap you can leverage for your brand to get quick boosts in your traffic, conversion and sales.

About Saddam Hasan & Kamaljit Singh

Saddam Hasan & Kamaljit Singh are the Founders of AMZ One Step. They have both successfully sold their Amazon FBA businesses and currently lead the biggest Network of Amazon sellers in Canada, with meetups in 5 different cities.

They started AMZ One Step in 2017 and currently the company has 2 Global Offices, 3 International Studios, a team of 50+ Professionals and have served more than 500 Amazon brands. Saddam is also the host of “Think Outside the Buy Box” podcast where we interviews Industry leaders in the Amazon space.

Kamal has been a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses before he started his Amazon journey, which enabled him to mentor new Amazon sellers. Saddam is a CPA and previously managed a $200M/annum portfolio with 3 big Start ups under his belt.